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With each painting she creates, a piece of Shauna Decker’s heart and soul pours onto the canvas. Through her internal looking glass she instinctively sees the organic expression within each representation. Decker is known for luscious colors used on the canvas and the quality of her technique and sensual application.

Shauna Decker received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Colorado in Colorado in 1993. Her love of nature, biology, the life cycle and her exploration of Spirituality inspire her creativity. Some continuous symbolism found in her body of work are; eggs, spheres, tendrils and organic abstractions. The eggs are a metaphor for life, birth and rebirth. The spheres represent wholeness, strength and insight. The tendrils and use of organic lines contain the pulse of life and ground the image toward the earth or dance to the tune of freedom.

At various intervals Decker creates a grand representation of a female that she finds embodies the energy and presence that she is feeling and captures it in a moment in time. Her goal in these paintings is to profoundly move the viewer to feel and inspire. These are great collectables because they are rare in her portfolio and are intimate, emotional self portraits as she travels through her personal journey in life.

Decker is an advocate for children in general and dedicated to supporting organizations that benefit children from abusive homes which help them to recover and become a positive part of our community.

Currently she is releasing Limited Edition, hand signed and numbered Giclee Prints of her work. The prints are on canvas and appear as an original! If you see a piece that is not currently released as a print, and would like a print, please place the order with the Artist.

Shauna Decker welcomes Commissions. She enjoys the creative collaboration and would love to work with you to create just the right painting for your home or place of business or a gift to a loved one. Please call the artist to communicate about your inspirations and ideas.


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Shauna Decker
California, U.S.A.

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